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Mr Kritsamitt Apitammawong

President and Director of L&S

Mr Apitammawong is the founder of L&S. He is an expert on the legal and commercial aspects of acerlerating debt and has experience as a legal advisor to serveral companies.

Mr Apitammawong had extensive experience in tracking and recovering debt working for Division Urupon. During his career he has successfully recovered debt in numerous high profile cases including those involving celebrities and politicians.

Example :

- Seizure compact pack-up 9 cars of the village chief. Phayuha Khiri district. Nakhon Sawan Province, which is an influential person in the province.

- Seizure of the car Kamnan Celebrities in Tak province.

- Track trucks in the Chai Nat province.

Final, Mr Apitammawong is gathering past experiences and then founded the investment by the name. LAW & SUCCESS CO.,LTD.




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