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List of L&S as a Litigator.

Utile Engineering International Co.,Ltd
Import & Distribute of Most Controlling Equipment and Energy.
Thai Mitsui Specialty Chemical Co.,Ltd
Manufacture - buy - sell - import and export business as distributors of goods.
K Kitcharoen Aluminium Co.,Ltd.

Wholesale - Retail aluminum

Center Glass Co.,Ltd.
Retail glass - glass fabric and all types of glass.
M R M Co.,Ltd.
Available water pump - installation service - consultations.
Prosperity Concrete Co.,Ltd.
Precast concrete products such as floor finished - finished wall - piles and concrete pipe.
MS Factory Co., Ltd.
Import Business of the LED Full Color Screen and after saies service including maintenance, repair.sale Equipment of installation materials for auto-gas
Seven A Group Co.,Ltd

Distribution power control equipment and electrical appliances.    

Powerade Co.,Ltd.
Business advisory service provides advice and issues management in commercial industry.
Trinity Dynamic Corporation Limited
Wholesale steel and non-ferrous metal
Korita Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Foam plastic products.
Sunsulate (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Available plastic foam cushioning.
Permsin gypsum co.ltd.
Distributor aluminium frame,gypsum board
J Sangsiri Co.,Ltd.
ีPlumbing installation contractors. Sell and install water pumps.
Gekko Industries Co.,Ltd.

Sell electricity and air conditioning equipment.

Sahapanpaper co.,Ltd.

Wholesale-Retail all kinds of paper

Khomanee Supply Co.,Ltd.
Sales and installation of thermal insulation.                            
E-build co.,td
Wholesale other construction materials which are not classified eleaewhere
Thai Leng Ltd., Partnership  
Export - production wool shirt.
KKS Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Wholesale distribubtor - retail chemicals.
Andaman Print Form Co.,Ltd.
Printing , Pro-print form , Bouchour , Paper , Manual , Computer paper.
Prayongwattana Partnership
Retail - Wholesale parquet.
Jamjuree Wanit Co.,Ltd.
Business sell water - water pipes - motors.
Forconthai sealant co.,Ltd.
Manufacturing and sales siliconeglue
Uasiri home material co.,Ltd.
Retail other construction materials
Thai Envatech Co.,Ltd.
Factory - manufacturing and assembling electrical parts and equipment in clean room.
JFC & SONs (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
retail electric drive vehicles with equipment.
Aulak Co.,Ltd.

The printed books and publications.

Geomatic Technology Co.,Ltd.
Business of selling raw materials industry.
WIP Electric Partnershipิ

Buy-sell eletricity.

Nanthawan Equipment Partnership
Sell eletricity
Preeyapun Partnership
Sales of construction materials - equipment and tools used in construction.


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