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Debt recovery policy of L&S

L&S offers more than a simple demand for repayment, but a team of highly traind individuals that strive to find the best way to approach the case and ensure the case is resoloved to all parties' benefit. There are a several steps to the process expense and stress for thoses concerned.

Evidence of the debt is gathered including contract of sale, invoice, invoice card, checks, loan agreements and contracts of partners, A total outstanding balance is calculated from the principal and any interest owend. Care is taken to ensure the balance calculated is accurate and beyound legal dispute by the creditor to aviod a loss of client credibility during negotations.

Both work and personal details of the creditor are gathered including addresses, telephone numbers and daily routine. This enables tracking of the debt throughout the investigation and negotiations.

Credit history, financial position , assets, legal expertise and behaviour of the debtor is collected and analyzed to determine motives, expectations and likely responses to the debt negotations.

Once all information and is gathered an appropriate tailored strategy is formulated and employed to ensure that the solution will be the most amenble for both parties.



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