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Legal services and expedite debt

With the overall economy is currently expending due to debtors of private financial institutions, as well as for extension of its debt and unable to pay debts and eventually become bad debts in the future. That LAW & SUCCESS COMPANY LTD. (L&S) is a person who has the ability and experience are ready to resolver problems with honesty wholeherated full capacity and with offers detailed in the following services.

Scope of services integrated.

1. Get legal advice - for that both criminal and civil cases.
2. Acclerate the debt - Reconciliation debt - Spy property and execution- Spy arrested person under subpoena.
3. Detective - Investigate data for decision making - Spy property - Spy individual behavior - Spy on sexual behavior.
4. Registration of Trade - Committee to move out

5. Consulting and contracting all type of contracts.

Accelerate the debt and detective work

1. Get a Debt Collection Agency in previous litigation.

2. Represented in the collection of debt after the court's sentence in civil and criminal cases.

3. Represent the property during the investigation and prosecution after the court order.

4. Represent the execution of the sentence the court.

5. Work of investigation and detective services, financial information - status - to examine the evidence of prosecution - persons arrested under warrant of arrest spy - spy individual behavior.



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